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Lower Costs for Our Artists in 2012 at HiddenTalent Art Galleries

Volume 2, Issue 1, January 1, 2012

A new fee schedule and services for artist's menu has been posted for HiddenTalent Art Galleries

The new 2012 fee schedule and services menu is a public page which will allow you, our currently displaying artists, easy access to this vital information and may also be useful to attract new artists to join our web site. The exact address for the fee schedule is www.hiddentalentart.com/the-backend/artist-pricing-2012.html
On the fee schedule page you will find a menu of services available to artists displaying or planning to display at HiddenTalent Art Galleries and the fees associated with those services.
When you view the fee schedule you will notice that all fees have gone down dramatically for all categories including, renewals for existing pages, new page additions, and gallery commissions. The opening package for artists considering joining HiddenTalent Art Galleries to display their art work has also been lowered and adding pages over the opening package is now the same price per page as our current artists pay.

You can see and review the fee schedule and services menu by visiting "Costs for Displaying With HiddenTalent Art Galleries in 2012" (This is the same page link as above) As an example an artist with 10 art work pages, 1 art gallery page, and one special announcement would be billed $6.00 for the upcoming year, 2012. Our price reduction is impressive but the exciting part is what is in store for our artists. As 2012 progresses we will be rolling out many important and valuable changes for our website.

You may not have realized it but the last and only billing cycle for the website was April 2009 and you were not billed in April 2010 or 2011. Billing will resume shortly and your bill will be for the upcoming billing cycle 2012. An exact bill with details outlining your services and fees will be emailed to you. When you are ready to pay you will have the choice of sending a personal check in the mail or using PayPal. If you have any questions or need help with anything please let me know.

Working to build a better website giving more value to our artists and clients.

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