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Changes at Hiddentalent and Your Artist Landing Page

Volume 1, Issue 1 - May 2011

Recently at HiddenTalent Art and Framing the decision was made to make several changes to our website.
The first was to add new artists. Our original retinue of artists was limited to those who had participated in our art gallery shows and local artists who were building a catalogue of work with us for a future art show. We have slowly begun to branch out to artists outside of this limited set. One artist, Raymond Gunther is from Atlanta Ga. and came to us after our physical store closed. Raymond found us by searching for art galleries and art publishers. John Owen is a local Staten Island artist. John had shown some of his art in our second South Shore Artists group show. John added five art works to his art gallery last year and four more this past fall 2010.

The second change was to move our website www.hiddentalentartandframing.com to www.hiddentalentart.com . As John Owen has pointed out the first address is long and difficult to remember. Also since the closing of the store we are no longer actively pursuing custom framing sales and the second name is more accurate to the website's focus of selling art and promoting you, our artists.

Over time as artists have joined us or added more art work to their galleries more pages have been added to the website. This has lead to a constant need to maintain pages especially as required by our unique linking system.
If you are not aware of it you should know that all of our art work pages link directly to a next page and a previous page within the art gallery being viewed. This allows a viewer to view an entire art gallery one art work page at a time.
Each art work page has the additional linking option of following an individual artist instead of an art gallery. With these links you can choose to go forward or back to art work pages created by that one artist. This is a great tool for an artist who wants a client to be able to quickly see a body of his or her work or a client who is only interested in that particular artist.
Both of these link sets are found just above the footer (last section) of an art work page.

Its probably been some time since you have visited our website. I'm asking that you do so soon and I'm going to break it down into small targeted steps with specific goals in mind for each step. These steps should help you understand the structure I'm using to present your art works.

Step One Visit Your Landing Page
1. I have created a non-public access landing page for each of you, our artists. This means your landing page has no public links into it and so is not likely to be found without knowing the exact address. It is not password protected. Your personal landing page should not come up in a search engine because it is meant for you only.
To find your page type in
Copy the link but, replace "first-name-last-name" with your first and last name.
Mine would be
If you need help finding this page I will send you a direct link by private email.
Once on your Landing Page you will see that it has a listing of all of your pages on the website. Please check that you are seeing all the pages that you expect to see.
If everything is there then go over the list carefully and think about what else you might have wanted to see on the list. If you do think of an addition please let me know and we will make arrangements to add those pages for you. Additions can be art work, article or announcement pages.

Step Two
Click each of your links on your Landing Page and read each of your pages. To do this click the first link, review the page, and then use your browser's back button to return to your Landing Page. From your Landing page click the next link and review that page as well. Continue doing this reviewing all of your listed pages. Please make note of any errors that you find or changes or correction that need to be made to any of your pages.

Step Three
After checking all the links from your Landing Page check the links found on your art work pages. At the bottom of each of your art work pages are sets of links. Follow the link set marked *Follow This Artist*. These links follow the alphabetical order of your art work titles. You do not need to use the back button for this step just click the forward to the next art work link. The last art work title links to your first art work title creating a loop back to the beginning. When you reach your starting point you can click the back to the last art work button until you arrive back at your starting point. Please let me know if any links are broken or misdirected or if any or your art work titles are skipped.

Step Four
Check links to your non-art work pages. The non-art work pages have a linking system similar to the art work pages. These links are also found in the section just above the footer. Links go forward or back alphabetically to Hiddentalent articles in general. Future plans call for adding a second link set to follow announcements and articles on an individual artist the same way as following an individual artist's art gallery. This link set would be arranged chronologically. However, at this time I'm finding that there are not enough pages on individual artists to make this link set truly useful. These links can only be used where an artist has more than two article pages . 
If you as an artist are involved in a past or upcoming show, received awards or grants, have had a big sale, have completed an art degree, attended a workshop that added to your repertoire, created a new body of art work, or anything else that affects your art work or status as an artist, please consider writing it up. I will add it as an event on the calendar, an announcement, or an article as needed for the material provided.

It is becoming apparent that a website by itself is no longer enough to get the search engine attention that we need. With Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, You Tube, millions of blogs and many other forms of social media, a website today that doesn't have links from these types of media is quickly lost in the chatter. Its a numbers game, the more quality links search engines see for our website the better. So, if you have accounts on social media networks please consider linking to your HiddenTalent website pages. The easiest way is to link to your personal gallery page(not your landing Page). Your personal gallery page is a top level page on the website. As an example my personal gallery is
If you are unsure of how to write your links by yourself then you can reference your artist landing page and simply copy and paste any of the prebuilt links found there. You can also add links to your individual art work pages in the same way. If you are still unsure please call me and I will be happy to help.

This publication is called "The Backend Newsletter for Artists" and is for our artists. I am also putting together a new art client newsletter the title of that publication is "The Frontend at HiddenTalent Art Galleries". Input from our artists will help to make both The Frontend  and The Backend better newsletters.

Working to build a better website giving more value to our artists and clients.

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