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Artist Biography - Renee Lichtman

   Renee FW. Lichtman was born in Brooklyn, New York where she attended public schools until attending Fashion Institute of Technology as a fine art major from September 1976 through June 1978. She moved with her family to Staten Island in 1993
    Training at F.I.T. included drawing in pencil, charcoals, and pastels of still-lifes, landscapes, and figure drawing. Renee studied painting with oils and acrylics. Printing techniques were studied in great detail and covered stone lithography, steel etching, wood block, and silk screen methods for printing. She also studied sculpture in both additive and subtractive methods.
    After leaving F.I.T. Renee settle down to continue her art in private, working with ballpoint pens and taking this medium to a surprising new level. Renee continues to develop and push the quality and content of her art work. She does so in both her signature ballpoint pen technique and mediums such as pastels paints, and digital methods.
    As well as possessing a solid foundation in manual art techniques, she often employs digital art techniques as well. Renee uses scanners, cameras, picture processing programs, and printers to study and develop ideas and changes for her art images. She also uses these tools to create meticulous digital prints reproductions of her images.
    "Computers and digital methods are incredible new tools for artists. They allow artist endless possibilities to study, explore, reproduce, catalog and share their work." She feels fortunate to be able to take advantage of the technology by add digital equipment to her tool box. Renee uses her knowledge of digital techniques and printing to create fine art prints for other artist too.

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