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Bouquet Du Basilc - Figurative Art For Sale

Watercolor Painting - From Artist Mafalda Cento

"Bouquet Du Basilc" Figurative Art Gallery,WAtercolor Painting from Artist Mafalda Cento

Title: "Bouquet Du Basilc" Artists Original Watercolor Painting
Medium: watercolor paints on watercolor paper
Description: One of Mafalda's finest figurative paintings. We find a female figure intently examining her basil. Is she preparing it for sale or simply choosing a few fragrant leaves for her dinner? Her straw hat and sleeveless white shirt suggest a place that is warm and sunny. Light and airy, warm and inviting Bouquet Du Basilc is a beautiful and masterful art work.
Edition: Original Art Work
Orientation: Portrait
Price, This original has been acquired for a private collection and is not for sale. Please see the fine art print of this lovely art work

Title: "Bouquet Du Basilc" Large Fine Art Print
Medium: Pigmented Inks on Paper - Fine Art Giclee Print
Description: Fine Art Figurative Print created using Epson pigmented inks and archival paper to create a beautiful, long lasting museum quality print. This lovely print would hang well in a sitting room, living room, dining room or bedroom
Edition: Open on demand
Orientation: Portrait
Image Size: inches x inches
Paper Size: 19 inches x 22 inches
Paper Type: Epson Velvet Fine Art an extra heavy 100% cotton fiber paper
Price, Includes Shipping: $150.00 To Buy this Large Fine Art Print

Title: "Bouquet Du Basilc"  Fine Art Needlepoint Canvas
Medium: Pigmented Inks on Needlepoint Canvas
Description: Fine art needlepoint canvas for you to stitch created from Mafalda Cento's figurative watercolor painting "Bouquet Du Basilc"
Orientation: Portrait
Image Size: inches x inches
Canvas Size: inches x inches
Canvas Type: 100% white cotton, interlocking mono weave at 12 holes to the inch
Price, Includes Shipping: $49.00 To buy This Fine Art Needlepoint Canvas

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