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"Thunderhead" - Abstract Art For Sale

Pen and Ink Drawing From Artist Renee FW Lichtman

Thunderhead, Abstract Art Gallery, Pen and Ink Drawing from Artist Renee Lichtman

Title: "Thunderhead" Artist's Original Pen and Ink Drawing
Medium: Rapidograph Ink on Drawing Paper
Description: Abstract pen and ink on drawing paper. The intricate interlocking lines and  simple but powerful combination of black and white work together to create a strong abstract composition.  Thunderhead is a unique abstract art work created using a technical drawing pen. Stippling and line work were used in the central figure of the art work while solid black ink shapes are used around the central figure. Thunderhead is for sale as the original hand drawn abstract art work or as a fine art giclee print. To buy Thunderhead as a fine art print see the section below.
Edition: Artist's original pen and ink drawing one of a kind
Orientation: Portrait
Image Size: 12 inches x 18 inches
Paper Size: same as the image area
Paper Type: white drawing paper
Price, Includes Shipping - $360.00 for the signed original art

Title: "Thunderhead" Small Fine Art Print
Medium: Fine Art Print, Pigmented Ink on Fine Art Paper
Description: The Abstract Fine Art Print Thunderhead is a high quality signed and numbered limited edition giclee print; printed with Epson's pigmented inks on Epson paper. This combination is an industry standard for longevity. This beautiful little abstract art print will keep her good looks for a long time. Created using Epson pigmented inks and archival paper to create a beautiful museum quality print. A well crafted reproduction of Renee's original abstract art work
Edition: Limited to 100 prints with a certificate of authenticity from the artist
Orientation: Portrait
Image Size 12 inches x 18 inches
Paper Size: 13 inches x 19 inches
Paper Type: Epson's Watercolor Paper
Price, Includes Shipping: $75.00 for the signed and numbered limited edition giclee print.

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